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Recorded X-Rated Stories, Sessions and Experiences!

From my soft, sweet lips to your ears.

Erotic Whispers from Mistress Lila!

RECORDED LISTINGS! I've added the following "recorded" X-rated Stories, Sessions, and Experiences to my website listings. Below is a brief synopsis of each new listing. At the bottom of this email is a box explaining how Recorded Listings work and how to access them. With Recorded Listings, you can access me any time of the day or night for a nice, cock-relieving fantasy - for a discounted rate that is less than live calls. Plus you can play the same fantasy over and over, and anticipate your nasty sticky explosion. Please remember to leave me a "5" rating after each recorded call. To see all the current Recorded Listings click on the word link or picture Banner below and the listings are at the bottom of the page to which it links: or
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X-RATED EXPERIENCE: COLLEGE BOY AND THE MISTRESS - My personal experience with a very vanilla College Boy. I was bored and looking for a little fun, so I advertised for a roommate. Since I live near a college, I advertised on their Bulletin Board. It didn’t take long before I had dozens of interviews. I talked to each boy, then chose the shyest one as my new roommate. I couldn’t wait to begin teasing and tormenting his delicate, virginal little mind and body.
15 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 02920119

X-RATED STORY: OFFICE BOY TURNED SISSY - My experience with an overzealous and shy Office Boy. I work as a Personal Assistant to High Powered CEOs. One day, a new office boy joined us. He stared at the my legs and ass all day long, and then my Cosmo, lipstick and make-up bag disappeared. I knew the little twerp took my magazine to the toilet with him for something to read, and was probably kissing my lipstick tube and dreaming about me. Silly boy! That was a mistake!
14 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 02920891

TINY COCK HUMILIATION SESSION: Most boys with cocks as small as yours become sissies! You know your place! Teeny weenie or big fat clitty! You know the latter will at least get you a little attention. Whatever do you call that thingie between your legs? Little cock? Small dick? Inch worm? You have the typical behaviors of any tiny cock mans. You are chronic masturbators, premature ejaculators, wimps, losers, panty-wearers, and it all adds up to ZERO! You have absolutely nothing to offer. You’re a mistake, a freak of nature! You should have been born a girl. You should learn that fat clitties are way better than teeny weenies.
24 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 02923050

X-RATED EXPERIENCE: PRINCESS SISSY BRIDE - Sissy boy! Bitchboy! You’ve dreamed about it! Dressing up for your wedding day! A Mistress who will cuddle, kiss and love you - then fuck the shit out of you! I'll make you up, dress you up, caress you, and take your virginity! You’ll be my special bride - in white lace panties and pretty garters! I dress you, caress you, then strip you and seduce you! You’ll be mine! Totally mine! Then we’ll have that romantic wedding night! After that, I’ll show you the whore you can be, you little slut!
30 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 02923419

X-RATED STORY: AIRPORT NIGHTMARE FOR SEX SLAVE - My pretty boy sex slave is straight as an arrow, but when he gets stopped at airport security, by a hunky bi-sexual security guard his arrow gets a little bent! The security guard just will not believe him when he says all the luggage is mine. Then the guard insists upon a private strip search while he pilfers through my sex toy bag and questions my slave.
22 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 02925897

CUCKOLD SESSION: BIG BLACK COCKS - Your gal is so eager. She dropped to her knees and sucked his big black cock like a pro. Deep throated it! She never did that for you. Then she made you help guide that massive black dong into her cunt. She moaned so loud and came so hard – making sounds you never heard before. She'll let you stay if you're willing to wear pink panties and be her fluffer and cleaner!
11 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 02935240

X-RATED EXPERIENCE: SLAVE SAM'S FIRST NIGHT SERVING ME - Enjoy the thrill and anticipation of serving a Mistress for the first time. You’ll share Sam’s desires, humiliation, and excitement as he bends over for his Mistress. Feel Sam’s heart racing and dancing as he tightens his ass cheeks – over and over again!
15 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 02935466

X-RATED STORY: NURSE LILA VOLUNTEERS AT THE HOSPITAL - Mistress Lila volunteers, but then decides to play nurse and makes the rounds at a local hospital. There are so many young delicious men just waiting to be used, abused, humiliated and fucked. (mf)
12 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 02984630

X-RATED EXPERIENCE: ONE SLAVE'S HUMILIATION - Mistress Lila needs to teach her disobedient and less than attentive slave a big lesson about placing Mistress first, and the best way to do that is to emphasize the lesson with a big helping of humiliation. (mf, mm, cd)
30 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 02987140

X-RATED EXPERIENCE: TG SISSY'S FIRST MOVIE DATE - Mistress Lila dresses her sissyboy TG up and sends him out on his very first blind date, to the movies, where s/he is suppose to act like a lady and suppress her slutty tendencies. (mm, cd, tg)
13 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 02984821

TICKLE TORTURE FANTASY - CAN YOU ENDURE? - By special request, some of my callers enjoy it when I tease and torment them with a Tickle Fantasy. I will use my long red fingernails, feathers, and other instruments of tickle torture to take you right to the edge of an orgasm. (mf)
26 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 02984678

STRAIGHT SLAVE OUTED BY MALE NURSE - Homophobic Chastity Slave Jarod is having such a difficult time with hypochondria, emotional outbursts and other hormonal type problems that Mistress sends him to the doctor. The doctor thinks Jared has latent bisexual tendencies that he needs to express, and sends him to a special clinic. Two male nurses attend to Jarods problems. (mm)
15 minutes • 1-800-863-5478 • Ext. 0298421

The titles below which include x-rated stories, experiences and sessions will be added soon, so check back frequently.

SPECIAL REQUESTS for x-rated stories welcomed. Send me your favorite idea, subject or nasty thought, and I'll make a customized recording for you! Keep in mind: Anything that violates Nite Flirt's restrictions is not permitted.

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